XUAN TRUONG RICE NOODLE – A mix of tradition and modernity

Xuan Truong Rice Noodle Cooperative is located in Thu Duong village, Nam Duong commune, Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang. With the goal of continuing, promoting the traditional value of rice noodles and bringing products closer to domestic consumers, Xuan Truong Rice Noodle Cooperative was established in 2009. With a team of enthusiastic and passionate members, who hand in hand built “Xuan Truong Rice Noodle” together to become a high quality prestigious brand and trusted and favored by Vietnamese market as well as export market.

Rice noodles is a specialty, a famous cultural feature for being made from the best rice, Bao Thai Hong rice, with pure water in the mountains of Luc Ngan (Bac Giang). The delicious Bao Thai Hong grains are combined with other products of heaven and earth such as black sesame, gourd, moringa, etc. to make Xuan Truong noodle product which is a sophisticated mix of tradition and modernity. Although the production process is still traditional, but the application of modern technology ensures strict compliance with regulations on food hygiene and safety. The products still retain the taste and nutrition without using preservatives.

Not only providing typical noodle products characterized by white color, the Cooperative also mixes seasonal vegetables and fruits to create beautiful, delicious, and nutritious five-color noodles. Xuan Truong five-colored rice noodles (vegetable noodles) is a special type of noodle produced using its own process, coated twice with water, dried twice in the sun, completely handmade without using colorants, bleach, or preservatives. Xuan Truong Rice Noodle products have received 4-star OCOP certification from Bac Giang province.

Currently, Xuan Truong noodles are sold in domestic supermarkets, retail chains such as Vinmart, BigC, clean food store chains and have become a favorite dish of many families. In addition, Xuan Truong branded noodles are also exported to China, Russia, Korea, etc.

When participating in the project “Promotion of supply and demand of eco-fair agri-food processing products in Vietnam” (Eco-Fair Project), the Cooperative has received great support and advice from experts on Resources Efficiency and Cleaner Production.

Experts from VNCPC (co-implementer of the Eco-Fair Project) have advised and supported the Cooperative to implement a quick assessment of RECP and proposed to apply solutions to save input resources at the Cooperative such as: Recovering boiler exhaust fumes to provide heat for drying ovens to optimize and reduce production costs, investing in boilers using coal, firewood and locally available fuel to generate heat. Using industrial water filtration systems with low investment cost, no waste water rather than a periodic backwash water or RO filtration systems for demanding market. Recovering materials, semi-products spilled on roads and floors at the end of every working day, inspecting and checking and limiting materials and products falling. The solutions given by experts help the Cooperative save input materials, improve production environment, and move towards cleaner production.

With the spirit of constant learning and renovation, Xuan Truong Rice Noodle’s goal in the coming time is to improve the quality and brand of products in a sustainable way, aiming to conquer domestic and international markets.

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