After 13 years of establishment and development, Organic Green is considered a pioneer in building a complete standard biological meat chain, from feeding, breeding to slaughter, and processing…

Spreading organic farming

Since his college years, Mr. Nguyen Van Chu – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Organic Green clean food chain has cherished the intention to build and develop a clean food brand, bringing safe and healthy food products to customers. In 2021, after graduating from Hanoi National Economics University, Mr. Chu applied to work at some animal feed processing companies to gain experience for himself. With intelligence and acumen, after only 3 years, he established Nam Thanh bran factory, the first foundation to help him pursue later successes.

After 13 years of ceaseless efforts and hardworking, in 2017, Organic Green Clean Food Joint Stock Company officially came into operation, meeting the general trend of society on the demand for safe food, thereby he officially pursued the cherished plan to spread organic agriculture to the community.

Sharing about the journey to pursue a clean food chain that brings value to the community, Mr. Chu said: “Clean food is a difficult business. If you have just started the work and set a profit target in the immediate future, it is difficult to survive in this industry. Organic Green has cooperated with partners to standardize 5 stages from feed production, to breeding, slaughtering, processing and product distribution to form a professional closed food chain. Accordingly, organic food under Organic Green brand were introduced, including vacuum-packed deep-frozen pork and meat-based products, such as hotdogs, hams, smoked meats, etc

Organic food is still quite new, not yet widely known and its importance to human health is not fully understood. Considered as a pioneer in the movement to pursue a clean food chain in Vietnam, the journey to bring Organic Green to the table of customers has encountered many difficulties. “As I observed, in each 100 people entered the food store, there is only 1 person decided to buy, the rest picked up the goods to see and then put them down again. The standardization of 5 stages to improve product quality, which means the product price will also increase by 100% compared to the market price, is the reason why customers have not accepted the product”, said Mr. Chu.

Patiently pursuing clean meat production

 According to Mr. Chu, in order to have delicious and quality animal and poultry meat products to supply to consumers, the company has associated with more than 300 pig, chicken and duck farms in Hanoi and other provinces. From this source, the company purchases pigs and chickens at associated farms, slaughters on European technology processing line to ensure food safety (the line is located in Van Phuc commune, Thanh Tri district). In order for consumers to know about the company’s clean products, over the past time, with the support of the Hanoi Agricultural Development Center, the company has been in connection with different organizations, including: Hanoi Women’s Union, Industry Trade Union of Agriculture and Rural Development… thereby helped consumers change their thinking in choosing and using safe food, cool meat, frozen meat.

Along with educating and raising consumers’ awareness about using clean pork, cooled and frozen pork to ensure food safety, city and local authorities need to strictly handle unlicensed manual slaughterhouses, etc. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen solutions to strictly control the origin of slaughtered pork.

Mr. Chu said that the Strategy for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in the 2021- 2030 period, with a vision to 2050, is to set the foundation towards a sustainable agriculture and create conditions for clean and safe production enterprises to dominate domestic and international markets. Completing the set targets, Vietnam will become one of the leading agricultural countries in the world with a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural processing industry.

Sustainable development is considered an inevitable trend, a “guideline” for almost all industries, and agriculture is no exception. Among which, environmental factors play an important role. Understanding the above values, for the production of animal feed, Organic Green adopts a bio-organic production method, to make delicious and safe products; with output production of 1,000 tons/month, supplying to livestock farms of Hanoi and other provinces and cities nationwide.

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