Meeting with Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association

On September 24, 2021, after a period of contact and discussion, the Project “Promotion of supply and demand of Eco-Fair Agri-food processing products in Vietnam” (Eco-Fair) had an online meeting with the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association to discuss cooperation in implementing activities in the next phase of the project. Participating in the meeting were the President of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association – Mr. Ha Phuc Mich, and the Association staff; Representatives of the Eco Fair project were Ms. Nguyen Bao Thoa – Project Director and Ms. To Hai Yen – Project Coordinator. The two sides have agreed on cooperation activities in training capacity building for businesses, supporting voluntary sustainability certification, green financial connection, and market promotion; jointly develop a Code of Conduct / MOU on the rise of eco-fair agri-food products domestically and internationally, policies in favor of eco-fair production and sustainable consumption, a success story… Besides, the two sides also discussed more supporting and consulting for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to achieve organic certification, including international organic certification (EU, USDA…) and domestic organic certification (TCVN, PGS …) as well as a quick discussion about jointly participating in the fair to promote organic certified agricultural products at the Biofach 2022 – International Trade Fair for Organic Products .

Activities will be agreed upon for each specific work item and adjusted depending on the actual situation when implementing the work. This can be considered as one of the critical first steps in continuing to implement the second year activities of the project.

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