Eco-Fair project received various positive feedback and interest from learners!

After more than 6 months of operation with different courses delivered to enterprises and consumers, the Eco-Fair project “Promotion of supply and demand of Eco-Fair agri-food processing products in Vietnam” has received various positive feedbacks and comments, which give high appreciation for not only its usefulness and meaningfulness but also the advanced method of mobile-based learning

Bringing “Sustainable Development” closer to the community

The common point of the comments received by the project is that the learners are surprised and interested in information about the impact of production activities and daily habits on the environment, as well as methods to help minimize the impact that each of us may cause on the ecosystem.

Thereby, we realize that the environment and living ‘green’ are always an issue of concern to the community, but access to this knowledge is still somewhat limited. That’s probably why the Eco-Fair project’s free online courses receive a lot of support from the community.

Without this course, I would not have known how I was tormenting the earth through my unconscious actions every day. Hopefully, there will be many more stakeholders to pay attention to this issue. Not only us, the civilians, but also businesses and government authorities . I am so lucky to know and study this course. Let’s create awareness and good actions for the environment together, especially for ourselves, for our friends and for our children!” – Duc Manh (learner)

(Enterprise testimonial video:

Become a pioneer in sustainable lifestyle

If you care about the environment, health, or want to create quality products that are trusted by consumers, join the Eco-Fair project and become the pioneers in the process of building a green – clean – sustainable Vietnam.

The project is funded by the European Union, with lively and easy to learn mobile-based courses . You can join the courses for free, anytime, anywhere.

Register to participate via the following links:

* Courses for enterprises:

– ‘Sustainable production solutions for small and medium enterprises

– ‘Improving access to green credit for small and medium enterprises

Courses for consumers:

– ‘Consumption habits and our living environment!

– ‘Changing consumption habits for a sustainable future

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