The Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam and Eco Fair project visited Bac Kan province

On March 2-3, 2023, The Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam  visited Bac Kan province to meet with the local government and beneficiaries of the “Promotion of supply and demand of Eco-Fair agri-food processing products in Vietnam” project (Eco-fair project) in Bac Kan province. The Delegation included Ms. Paulina Bernadeta Gajewska Behboodi – First Counselor and Head of Finance, Contract and Audit Unit, and Ms. Phan Thanh Tam – Officer of the Finance, Contract and Audit Unit. The Bac Kan provincial government was represented by Ms. Do Thi Minh Hoa – Vice Chairperson of the Provincial People’s Committee, along with representatives from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Department of Planning and Investment. Ms. Nguyen Bao Thoa – Project Director and project staff represented the Eco-Fair project.

The province expressed its appreciation for the positive impact of support from the Eco-Fair project, which has provided direct assistance to units in Bac Kan province in the areas of soil nutrition, crop care processes, technology transfer, and support for building solar drying houses.

During the visit, the evaluation team visited three cooperatives: Huong Ngan Cooperative, Ban Luong Cooperative, and Dong Loi Cooperative, each of which received different types of support based on their needs and characteristics.

Huong Ngan Cooperative in Bach Thong district received advice on ecological-oriented planting planning for their farm construction, soil nutrition and care, processing techniques for rare fruit products (such as kumquat jam and special kumquat juice), and testing of technological solutions to transform waste and byproducts from kumquat processing into value-added products such as fermented kumquat and essential oils.

Ban Luong Cooperative in Bac Kan city was supported with the transfer of biogenic coal production methods and land restoration solutions, as well as the treatment of solid waste in livestock farming using biogenic coal. The cooperative was also advised on optimizing the treatment of waste materials such as manure and black soldier fly larvae farming. Additionally, the cooperative received assistance in constructing solar energy drying facilities to enhance their ability to process their products.

Dong Loi cooperative in Ba Be district received consultancy on the planning of non-seed hibiscus cultivation, plant protection, and various nutrient solutions to prevent pest damage on hibiscus plants. The process of caring for the plants was also transferred to strengthen their nutrition and prevent pests for the HTX. Additionally, the development of solar-dried hibiscus products in greenhouses was discussed during the consultancy.

The warm reception from the Provincial People’s Committee and the cooperative units, as well as the positive feedback from the province and the cooperatives towards the project’s support and impact, has led to the achievement of good results in the business trip.

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