Behavioural Changes for Sustainable Lifestyles – Our NEW Video has just been launched! 

Our NEW Video has just been launched! 

Did you ever wonder how your life choices can affect other people’s lives? 

Our SWITCH-Asia experience has taught us that governments, businesses and citizens can be influential consumers and that everyone has a responsibility to deliver a healthier planet to future generations.
Thanks to your support, since our campaign launch we have gained over 320,000 Followers and reached over 45 Million people interested to learn more about our work on Sustainable Consumption and Production.
Let’s Join Hands. We can reach many more.
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I hope you will enjoy our video as much as we do!

*** On 5 April don’t forget to attend our Webinar: Introduction to Behaviour-Centred Design Strategies for Sustainable Living. Still time to Register:
333 people have already signed up!

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